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Vous voulez signaler des methodes du web peu scrupuleuses, alerter le public au sujet de pratiques suspectes, vous avez un doute sur l’honnêteté d’un business? Écrivez!

Attention, nulled4all nous spamme!

Mahmud Gazni m’envoie une rafale de publicité. Il aurait pu envoyer sa pub normalement afin de tenter sa chance, mais il pense qu’il est plus efficace de forcer la chose…voici son baratin:

Danger spam, scam
Danger spam, scam


Hey, It’s Mahmud here. Recently your website caught my attention while searching for similar domain names. After entering the website, It seems that your website is brand new or not complete yet. So I thought I should try to contact you by leaving a comment on your website. Because as a Freelancer, I provide WordPress-related services like:
1) Website Design & Development
2) Theme Setup & Customization
3) Speed Optimization
4) Website Migration
6) On-Page SEO Setup
7) Malware Removal
8) Landign Page Design
9) Fix WordPress Errors
10) WordPress Virtual Assistant
You can hire me through Upwork Marketplace using Upwork Direct Contact. This is a great way to hire a freelancer, especially one you don’t know. Because It’s safe for both clients and freelancers.
If you want to know more details, you can contact me via email or WhatsApp. You can also request a Free Consultation Service to find out what kind of improvements are needed for your websites. Thank you for your attention.
Best regards,
Mahmud Ghazni
Web Design & Developer
WhatsApp: +8801322311024
Email: mahmud.ghazni@yahoo.com

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